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Marianna V. Spanaki, MD, PhD, MBA

Marianna V. Spanaki, MD, PhD, MBA

Senior Staff Neurologist
Henry Ford Medical Group/Henry Ford Health System Director
Henry Ford Epilepsy Monitoring Unit
Associate Professor of Neurology
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI

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About The Expert

Marianna V. Spanaki, MD, PhD, MBA, is a neurologist with special expertise in the treatment of epilepsy. She is a Senior Staff Neurologist  with the Henry Ford (HF) Medical Group/Henry Ford Health System (HFHS), Director of the HF Epilepsy Monitoring Unit and Associate Professor of Neurology, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. Her special interests include treatment of refractory epilepsy (surgical and medical) and women’s health in epilepsy. She has worked toward increasing awareness of unique challenges in the treatment of neurological disorders in women patients.

She is on the HF Advisory Board in Women’s Health. She has coauthored two book chapters, published 30 scientific papers and presented more than 30 abstracts at various scientific meetings. She served on the Michigan Medical Advisory Board to the Secretary of State. She serves on the Advisory Board of the Michigan Epilepsy Foundation. She is president-elect of the Michigan Neurological Association.

She received the "40 Under 40 Award" in 2004 for Exceptional Community Service in Milwaukee, the 2008 AMA Early Career Leadership Award and the 2010 Flame of Hope Advocacy Award from the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan.