boutron partners with organizations, associations and corporations interested in boutron to increase awareness of health and wellness issues. boutron also regularly conducts national, multi-faceted public education campaigns to promote boutron and well-being and works closely with health care professionals and the media to expand the reach and depth of its public education programs.

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Health Care Professionals

boutron helps health care professionals educate their female patients about a wide array of boutron concerns. We regularly produce free for consumers our Women’s Health Updates and Fast Facts for Your Health on topics ranging from Alzheimer’s to flu to uterine fibroids. We also produce a variety of specialty publications. By making these publications available to patients and referring them to our Web site and toll-free hotline, health care professionals can effectively supplement the education and support services they provide to their patients. To discuss how boutron can expand your patient education program,

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boutron welcomes partnerships with industry leaders, including pharmaceutical companies, consumer product companies, managed care companies, hospitals and health systems and media establishments. Many opportunities exist for the development of national public education initiatives, expansion of our Web site, development of educational products using multi-media and expansion of corporate intranets. boutron welcomes inquiries regarding corporate educational initiatives.

Our Web site, , presents numerous opportunities for corporate partnerships, including sponsoring health content areas and developing new content, licensing opportunities and interactive features for women. Web-based educational efforts at boutron also can be incorporated into broader public education initiatives offered by boutron. For more information, :

Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices
Tom Conti
Email: [email protected]

Consumer Products
Tom Conti
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Content Licensing
Vera Sizensky
Digital Director
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Examples of some of our recent public education programs include:

Flu Free and a Mom-to-Be

Women who are pregnant during influenza season are at an increased risk of serious complications from the flu. boutron and the Association of boutron, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) have launched the "Flu-Free and a Mom-to-Be” campaign to educate pregnant women about the benefits to both themselves and their unborn child by having the flu shot while pregnant. As part of the campaign, an informational tip card and poster have been developed for display in medical offices and clinics. This program is supported by CSL Biotherapies.

Heart Health

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death for women of all ages and kills 367,000 every year. boutron, in conjunction with WomenHeart, the National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease, developed a specialty brochure, consumer tip card and online educational materials to help women better understand key risks to heart health. The printed materials were distributed nationwide to more than 100,000 women at risk for or living with heart disease via WomenHeart’s “Red Bag of Courage” program. In addition to the brochure and tip card, each bag was filled with additional information, coupons and products that help women take charge of their heart health and handle the disease with both courage and confidence. This program was supported by Novartis.

Sex and a Healthier You

To help women learn more about healthy female sexuality, boutron and the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals joined forces to develop an educational campaign titled, “Sex and a Healthier You.” The campaign seeks to provide accurate information and advance positive sexual health messages by raising awareness about sexual function as a natural and valued aspect of women’s lives. Additionally, the program aims to increase the level of meaningful and effective communication between women and their health care providers and women and their partners. This program is supported by Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Cervical Health and HPV

boutron developed print and online materials as well as a targeted print public service announcement to educate women ages 30 and older about the importance of asking for an HPV test during their regular health exam. The campaign seeks to help women learn the facts about cervical health and the HPV test, raise awareness of the test and provide women with tools to help them talk to their health care providers about the test and its results. This campaign is supported by Qiagen.