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Share Your Favorite Health Tip and Be Entered to Win

Created: 05/06/2011
Last Updated: 08/10/2012

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In celebration of boutron Week, share your favorite health tip with other boutron readers and be entered to win a $100 SpaFinder Gift Card.

Here's how it works:
STEP 1: Share your favorite health tip in the comments section below.
STEP 2: To enter, include your e-mail address in the appropriate field below (your email address will not be visible and will be used to you if you are the winner).
STEP 3: Hit the Save button.
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Entries must be received by 11:00 PM EST, on Sunday, June 5, 2011. One entrant will be randomly selected as the winner of the $100 SpaFinder Gift Card on June 6, 2011, and notified by e-mail no later than June 9, 2011.

for expert tips to help you get started.


My cardiologist advised me to walk 30minutes each day without stopping. The key here is not to stop. You don't have to speed walk but just at the same pace that is comfortable for you. You feel great when you have finished.

I always park in a space farthest away from the mall I'm entering--helps me to get some extra steps in my day!

Several years ago after my divorce the boys and i had a hard time eating well. I wasn't planning ahead for meals. One night we simply agreed that no matter what we would eat something green at our evening meal. one night we were at a total loss for finding something green to eat. in other words, groceries were awfully low. my youngest said 'hey, olives are green~!' now and then we still have to dig up an olive or two but for the mostpart any time we are having supper there's at least one green corner on the plate. i hope they keep this habit up after their teen years.

I take a commuter bus that drops me off far from work & I love to walk the mile distance round trip everyday instead of transferring to the subway.

If you absolutely must use salt on your plated dish, be sure to pour a small amount in your hand and sprinkle onto your food. Salt disappears on food so NEVER pour it straight from the shaker because you will not realize you've added too much, especially when cooking. Using your hand controls the added amount better because you can see it. Bon apetite!

In my neighborhood there are six streets next to eachother, ranging from names of 1st street - 6th street. I strap my toddler in the stroller and then go down 1st up 2nd down 3rd up 4th and so on...this lovely "stroll" takes me about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Leaves me feeling great. And just before walking back home we stop at the local elementary school so my son Brenden and I kick a ball around together or play chase. Like I said it leaves me feeling great AND I get the great benefit of wearing out my kid all this activity helps me have an even more restful sleep.

My best tip is to get out of the house and get moving. I always make it a point to schedule walks and runs with my friends, it's great to catch up and I get a great workout!

Get out there and activate your muscles! Make every crunch and push up count! Let’s sizzle the jiggle and feel heart happy!

My tip for this time of year is to get out and get dirty! I mean, get dirty in the garden and dig some dirt or plant a plant. It helps to relieve stress. I work out all winter long and I need a break to help me jump start my outdoors stuff. When you've accomplished a small project it makes you feel good. One good deed turns another and so forth. Stress is one area of being healthy that many do not consider taking care of. I find working in my yard/garden and getting creative with my music on, makes me feel soooo good.

I am a cervical cancer survivor who is disabled. I get out there several day s a week to the gym to get moving. Every little bit helps!

Make a list of the things you would like to accomplish over the next few months for example, a weight loss goal, a small makeover for your hair or face, anything to make you feel good about yourself and slowly cross off the things you have done on your list. You will be amazed at how good you feel in just a short amount of time.

My best health tip is "LISTEN TO YOUR BODY." Know how things feel and react. Eat foods that agree with you. If you get a runny nose when you eat potatoes - STOP eating potatoes. Get enough rest (not necessarily sleep), do meditation. Exercise to your ability and if it doesn't work, find low impact or something that works for you. Don't abuse your body. Enjoy the changes, especially as you age. I wish you all blessings.

Always drink full glass of water before your regular meal---and then another with your meal.Forget the diet sodas!Forget the hi-energy drinks! Most times when we think/feel we are 'hungry' it is the lack of adequate fluid intake that is a basic body need.

I make sure to get out and walk at least 30 - 40 minutes a day 5 days a week AND I walk with a buddy. It keeps me honest!!! And, if I can't walk 30-40 minutes straight, I break it up, 10 min., 10 min., 10 minutes so I make sure I get it all in. One other thing -- we have a dog and we opted NOT to install an electric fence -- why? To be sure we would have to WALK our dog at least three times a day -- important not only for our dog, but for all of us in the family as well!

Don't try to make every change all at once. For instance; Don't quit smoking, stop drinking alcohol, go on a diet and join the gym all in the same month. You will be so stressed out you'll do more harm than good. Instead, space things out. Set one goal for yourself and commit to it. Once you find it's no longer a challenge to not smoke, commit to eating healthier foods now that your taste buds are back. After you get in that habit, join the gym and so forth. Have patience with yourself and your body. It takes time to develop bad habits so give yourself time to adapt to new healthy ones.

For many years the organization I founded has been telling folks the very best way to get and stay healthy is to combine five areas - healthy eating - lots of fruits and vegetables (organic whenever possible), combined with some physical activity or exercise (ten minutes a day can work but more is always better), combined with a conscious relaxation method - enjoy the day, every day as much as you can, dwell in the joy of a great moment, try to get over the pain of a bad one, combined with a detoxification program (heavy metals will bind in the body to cliantro, parsley or dandelion leaves - for example, and get excreted fast), combined with some dietary supplements or herbs - think probiotics daily, fish oil daily, and check your vit D levels.
Together this can lead to your healthy best. Find more about it at our all-volunteer nonprofit

I love to shop, so I make it a point to walk local malls and shopping centers, I get to check out the latest styles while getting in some cardio!

I believe the most important health tip is to visit your doctors regularly for routine check-ups. These check-ups ensure safety for yourself and your lifestyle. As a woman it is important to keep track of our annual exams and NOT put them off for more than a year. A mammogram or pap smear could save your life, so don't put it off! If you cannot afford an exam there are many resources out there. Take care of yourself.

Moisturize your face and body with a skin care product which contains an SFP of at least 15, this way you do not have to worry about adding a suncreen product on top of your moisturizer.

When I can't fit in time for a work-out, I make sure that I walk the stairs at work several times during the day. I have to walk up 6 flights to get to my office, so it comes out to a pretty nice mini-cardio workout.

Don't let aches and pain of aging slow you down. Park in a location that makes you walk more. Do housework that gets you up and moving. Focus on what you 'can do' --not on your limitations.

Often I have a weight problem or a eating problem or both. I have discove that by learning to give myself a mental break, gives me a better outlook on my self-worth. And then I the power to get my body, back in shape! To love the women you are, helps to ease the pressure of what others expect you to LOOK like. Change is on going in our bodies , but to love oneself, has to learned. I often talk to some older women, in their 80 , and those who are most happy, about themselfves, have changed! Times with them have given me the tools, to shape my mind and shape my body, as I CHANGE in life! Now I feel no pain due to weight loss by loving myself enough to CHANGE my LIFESTYLE!

Eat a substantial healthy breakfast, get adequate sleep and at the very least go for walks. When I place my food on a plate I use a saucer, not a dinner plate. I have lost 30 lbs of a period of two years. I will never have another sedentary job. Keep moving.

Stay close to nature - connect with the Earth, the sunrise, the sunset. When we see how life goes on around us, no matter what we do, our "problems" become less important. Eat healthy, organic, lots of fruits & vegetables and, of course, take my JuicePlus+ every day!

Water- it flushes out the system and inproves your skin

One of the main factors in staying healthy is getting enough sleep. Women tend to have so many responsibilities, & often cut back on sleep to try & fit everything in. They just end up more tired in the long run, & stop functioning at their best.

I started walking two years ago as part of a fitness challenge. I started very slowly ...just 15 minutes a day 3 days a week and built up over the next 2 months to no less than 30 minutes 5 days a week. I've lost weight, reduced my blood pressure, improved my "good" cholesterol! It's been life changing for me.

I find that if I brush my teeth after every meal, I tend to piece less. It seems to cut the urge to snack AND I get great checkups at the dentist.

I never thought I would be a runner but at the age of 45 I am running 5 miles every day. My tip for anyone that wants to take up running is to start by walking and then run a little but stop and walk when you need to. Before you know it you will be running the entire way.

My best fat loss tip is to do total body circuit training. It really gets the heart rate up and works the whole body.

I try to take the steps instead of elevators or escalators. I live in a 4 floor townhouse so I tell folks that I have a built in stairmaster. It's keeping me healthy even though I currently have a broken bone in my foot because I have to do the steps several times a day.


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