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Belly Fat? Why You Might Want to Think About Eating These Foods

Belly Fat? Why You Might Want to Think About Eating These Foods

By Sheryl Kraft

Created: 09/29/2009
Last Updated: 11/12/2018

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Here's a sobering statistic: As women approach and go through menopause, a certain type of body fat increases by up to 50 percent. And once you're finished with menopause (hooray!) there's more. The distribution of body fat usually shifts...


I like to blame my heredity (the women in my family tend to be small-hipped and carry their weight in their middles). Others may attribute their bulging bellies to overeating or inactivity. But you need not become overly-critical of any of these. The unfortunate truth is this: As we age, our metabolism slows. And just by virtue of being a women we experience more of a fat percentage increase than men do.

Lucky us.

Sometimes when I eat certain things I picture the fats in the food making a beeline straight for my belly and attaching themselves there like a barnacle. But in my research, I've learned that some foods are better than others in helping to reduce belly fat. Whether or not they'll actually help get rid of it, well, I doubt that. But if you're going to eat anyway, you may as well try for the "better" foods. Can't hurt - right?

Whole Grains: of 177 men and 257 women whose average age was 68 years old found that people who consumed the highest levels of whole grains had about 2.4 percent less body fat and 3.6 percent less abdominal fat than those who ate the least.

Avocados: The monounsaturated fats (or MUFAs) that abound in these green gems are thought to help deter the accumulation of fat from your mid-section. MUFAs are also in nuts, olives and flaxseeds.

Cherries and Blueberries: When a tiny portion of crushed tart cherries and crushed blueberries were the rats lost 17 percent of their belly fat in just three months.

Egg Whites: This protein is both filling and helps preserve muscle tissue. Recent studies have found that people who increased their intake of healthy proteins (like egg whites as well as fish, lean turkey, chicken and whey protein) to 25-30 percent of a sensible diet were able to lose more belly fat.

Green Tea: It's thought that the phytochemical compounds in green tea may speed up the body's metabolic rate and promote fat burning. The Journal of Nutrition reported that overweight and obese adult study subjects who drank a sports drink with added high concentrations of green tea extracts dropped 7.7 percent of their belly fat in three months - compared with others who drank a regular sports drink without the green tea added.


Thanks for this. Very enlightening--and love that some of the belly busting foods are actually tasty!

I had no idea about avocados! I love guacamole, so this is a good incentive to eat more of it (in moderation, of course). I'm already all about the whole grains!

I agree that exercise and losing weight definitely help - at least they do, for me. Aerobic exercise helps burn (some of) the belly fat; that is, if you do enough of it and combine it with a sensible diet.

Hmmm...raw chocolate and avocados? Would love that recipe!

Jennifer, how nice that your husband and children are belly fat fans :)

Thanks for these tips. I've been trying to use more and more whole grains in my diet--breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Exercise for me is the only way I lose the fat in my belly.
I am amazed that my body has changed so much since hitting 40 and now at 55, I am still at a battle with it.. but I exercise almost every single day and it helps.

You know what I particularly like about this post? It's a list of do's, instead of don't's.

Great post! And an excuse to perfect my raw chocolate "pudding" made with avocados.

Thanks for these suggestions. Really helpful! I am 62 and decided to diet this summer to fit into a dress for my daughter's wedding. I succeeded, but that belly fat still lingers. I find it is much harder to lose through dieting than when I was younger. Love avocados. Here's a great excuse to eat more!

Wow, it's great to read about foods that REDUCE fat. Plus, I love avocados. Isn't a bit of belly fat kind of nice, though? I'd rather not have it but my kids really love it. And my husband would rather I be ... curvaceous than rail thin. He likes the belly fat too! Funny, isn't it?

These are great tips, and things I have been working on increasing in my diet.

I have been eating right, exercising, eating more fruits & veggies, drinking water, special k diet, everything you can imagine, & I can,t seem to get the scale to go down past a certain number, It gets depressing, cuz i walk alot, But can,t seem to get rid of the belly fat. Never in my life have i ever weighed this amount. Help!!! barb

Reducing refined-sugar intake has a miraculous effect, not only on mood but on this point as well. There is something about the sugar that just attracts excess.

We love avocado...we eat it with everything.

Wow, I will eat more avacodas, egg whites, berries, whole grains,n drink green tea. Muchas Gracias..


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