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Healthy Aging
Best of Midlife Matters

Best of Midlife Matters

By Sheryl Kraft

Created: 09/04/2009
Last Updated: 11/23/2009

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With more baby boomers reaching midlife each day and utilizing social media, my readership has grown since . If you've been a loyal follower, thanks for tuning in. But perhaps you've missed a few posts along the way.

And if you're new to Midlife Matters, I'd like to catch you up with some of my most popular and topical posts.

On Beauty

(My makeover with makeup guru, Laura Geller)
(Questions about lines and wrinkles answered by top dermatologist, Dr. Arielle Kauvar)
(He might be a TV star, but he gave us some time, too!)

On the Emotional Aspects of Aging

(Where - and when - it's safe to lie about your age)
(Why are these two words always together?)

On Empty Nesting

(When the nest is no longer empty)
(A handy health guide)

On Exercise

(With advice from a Canyon Ranch expert)
(And does that mean you shouldn't bother?)
(Four common myths debunked)

On Things That Make You Say "Ew!"

(They're baaaack)
(What helps - and what doesn't)

On Staying Healthy as You Age

(One step at a time)
? (Don't skip this important vitamin)
(Another reason not to ignore it)


Thanks to everyone for your interest.

If there are any topics you'd be interested in reading about please feel free to ask!


I love the topics...I'm new to you and will be checking in.

I love this index! What a terrific idea. I'm finding it a helpful way to learn my way around your blog. I posted something on your exercise entry and am working my way through some of the others.

Technically I'm not a baby boomer (what will my generation be called? I guess we are Generation X'ers) but I really like reading these posts!

Thanks for rounding these up. I'm working my way through them and am enjoying them.

Thanks for this list. I will enjoy reading the posts. For now, I jumped on Bed Bugs Stage a Comeback, since I'm an innkeeper. May 19, I also wrote a blog post on this topic: http://chezsven.blogspot.com/2009/05/how-to-prevent-bed-bugs-in-luggage.html. One important thing to remember when traveling, keep luggage closed at night and if out of a hotel room. Even the fanciest hotels can have these critters hiding in the walls, ready to stowaway, and getting rid of them is a nightmare.

What a great compilation of diverse topics for those of us of a certain age. Thanks for posting.


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