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Got Gas? Blame the Dog or Fix the Problem?

By Gwynn Cassidy

Created: 03/18/2009
Last Updated: 07/24/2012

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In the comment section of my post, "" the question below was asked (not surprisingly) anonymously:

"Now that I'm pregnant, I pass gas and burp on a regular basis. Is this normal and is there anything I can do about it?"

I'm mortified to admit that I too suffered this particularly embarrassing (and at times physically painful) pregnancy side effect. Unfortunately, rather than fixing the problem I instead did what I assumed most women in our position do: Blame the dog. Classy, I know.

If you don't have a dog or prefer to fix the problem rather than blaming your poor pooch, I've got good news: In my effort to get your question answered, I learned there are several ways you can minimize pregnancy-related gaseous emissions. Hallelujah.

Once again, I turned to , for help. He explained that gas is common during pregnancy because the increase in your body's progesterone slows transit through your GI tract. This decrease in motility gives your body more time to digest foods and increase the gasses produced by the digestive process. Makes sense, right?

So, what's a girl to do? In general, Dr. Jacoby recommends you:

1. Eat small meals more frequently

2. Avoid increasing the amount of air in your system while you eat by chewing your food well, not talking excessively, and avoiding drinking straws

3. Avoid fatty and greasy foods

4. Pay attention to possible sensitivities to certain sugars and starches. For example, some of us may develop lactose intolerance, or have problems with certain fruits (and fruit juices) or vegetables like onions or broccoli. Others may experience increased gas from potatoes or pasta.

If all else fails, Dr. Jacoby also recommends the medication, Simethicone, as a safe treatment during pregnancy.

Note: The information provided here is not meant to replace a visit to your health care provider. He or she knows you, and your medical history, better than anyone. We strongly encourage you to speak with your health care professional about your particular health concerns.


I do not miss those days, my dh has proved himself to be a saint!

Never thought of that! LOL LOL LOL I even have a dog to blame...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this blog. I'm a soon to be new mom (I'm due on April 7!) and I have been reading your blog for the last 2 months and it's the absolute best Mommy Blog I have found (terrified by delivery, I really appreciated your posts on the subject!). Most Mommy blogs are too focused on pushing their agenda, selling their products, selling their advertisers products, etc, or they're are just badly written, poorly researched or working too hard to be "hip" that you can't take anything they say seriously.

You, on the other hand, clearly know what you're talking about. Everything you write about rings true and you seem like a genuinely cool person -- like a good girlfriend telling you everything you wish she would!

Anyway, as I said: Thank you. You have a very loyal reader in me and my few Mommy friends (we forward your articles to each other).

I remember how painful those gas bubbles / cramps could be. Glad to be done with them!

LOL! We dont have pets. Would it be wrong to blame my youngest?!?! ROTFL

Can I blame my cat?

The frankness of this blog is so refreshing! LOL who knew one would blog about farting LOL LoVE IT!!!

Blame the dog! I do that!!!

Boy! Does this bring back stories! Not some of my favorite moments.LOL

Wowser. As I said, I'm trying to get pregnant and I love reading about everyones experiences. I feel like I should be printing out all these posts and putting them in a binder for when my day comes! LOL

OMG! A friend just forwarded this because I told her about my issues with gas these days (I'm 4 months along). We laughed hysterically over the title alone but was happy to find good info too. Thanks!!

That really is funny! I remember those gassy days -- not good. I didn't know any of these tips either and, since I didn't have a dog (oh, if only!) I had just grin and bear it. Fortunately my DH was very understanding.

Blame the dog!!!!! LOL LOL LOL LMAO!!


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