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Personalized Video Message from Santa to Your Little One

By Gwynn Cassidy

Created: 12/20/2008
Last Updated: 02/12/2010

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Gideon and I have traveled south to Florida where most of my family will be celebrating the holidays. Spending time with my Mom, nieces, nephews, brothers, and sister-in-laws, is my favorite way to spend the holidays! It's always a treat coming down here because it's non-stop chaos when we all get-together. Fortunately, when it gets to be too much, my husband, Gideon and I can retreat to our room which, by the way, is about 100,000 times bigger than our apartment.
Before I even had our bags unpacked my brother showed me something that I HAVE to share with everyone: Family.go.com has created one of the coolest interactive tools I've seen in a long while. In less than a minute !

So, if you celebrate Christmas in your house, !


btw - my kids LOVED this. i did a video for each of them and they made me play them over and over and over.

awesome, awesome, awesome.

merry christmas everyone!


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