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Thank You, Baby Briefcase

Thank You, Baby Briefcase

By Gwynn Cassidy

Created: 10/12/2008
Last Updated: 10/11/2009

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Gideon came with a lot of surprises - my husband's eyes, my curls, the sweetest smile, and his weight in paperwork. Birth certificate, hospital paperwork, Social Security and insurance cards, receipts from doctor's visits, baby equipment warranties, and so on. Trust me, it piles up very quickly.

Because I'm usually more of a "shove it in a box" kind of girl, when I need to locate important paperwork, I usually have to search for hours. Now that I'm responsible for someone else's documentation, I knew I had to become more of an "everything in its place" sort of mom.

Fortunately, I found the ($29.95) and have not misplaced a single item since. It's a super functional filing system that comes with preprinted and customizable folder categories, a thank you note tracker, and more. If it can help me - and it has - it can help any organizationally challenged new mom.


Hi More Than A Mommy,

You should be able to find a retailer near you by visiting: http://www.organizedfromthestart.com/html/storelocator.html

Hope there's one near you.

Have a great day,

Thank you so much for this! I have a baby shower to go to for a friend who has the MOST expensive baby registry ever! The cheapest thing on her list that is still available is over $100. It would kill my budget. Anyway, this is much more affordable and a really smart gift. I'll probably get points for it being so smart.

Before my bundle was born it hadnt even occurred to me that I would need to get a birth certificate, social security card, etc. Of course, it's obvious, but it just didn't come up! I've been worried where to put everything because I'm not the most organized person either so this could really save me.

Does anyone know where else I could buy it? Not online preferably.

Thanks :)

This is such a good idea!


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