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How-To Video: Postpartum Exercises to Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

How-To Video: Postpartum Exercises to Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

By Gwynn Cassidy

Created: 03/23/2011
Last Updated: 02/10/2015

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As a new mom it's nearly impossible to find time to exercise. And, even if I could find the time, who would watch my little guy for me? Since I would love to get my pre-baby body back, Gideon and I enjoyed a little Mommy & Me workout with the help and guidance of , boutron's Fitness Expert. What's really great about these exercises is that you can do them at home alone or with your little one.

and for full descriptions and photos of the exercises she recommends to her new mom clients.


Hi Glossygurl,

Yup, it's me! So glad you found boutron and this blog.

Yes, you should absolutely adjust your skin and hair care product usage while pregnant and breastfeeding.

Check back tomorrow for a rundown of the Do's and Don'ts of Looking Great While Pregnant.

Thanks so much,

I also meant to ask about hair products!

Are you the same Gwynn Cassidy from IVillage? If so, I was a fan of your newsletters. I'm trying to get pregnant and, once I do, I imagine I'll have to stop using a lot of my antiaging stuff. Is that true?

Hi! I'm so glad you like the video. We had a lot of fun making it and, afterwards, I was definitely inspired too. If you would like to see more postpartum exercises, visit: .


It's me again (wrote yesterday I was going to start exercising). Well, I didn't start yesterday but I did this morning! Nothing to crazy but it felt so good to move my body again and feel like I was doing something for myself. My little Anna really enjoyed herself too. Thank you!

Will you be doing more of these? I need a whole workout plan :0 ha ha ha

I feel so inspired! Had my baby 6 months ago but haven't done anything to get back into shape. Thank you! THink I'll start today with the moves you did :)

Yes this is really natural. New moms can really see that it can be fun, not take away from time with baby and still get the job done. Kudos

Wow this is a win win situation, Mom get to excerise and interact with baby too! And it looks like the Gid is getting a workout too!
I love it!

This is great Gwynn. I feel like real women can connect to stuff like this and Gideon is quite the costar!

hi love this
real person easy to do moves that can truly help the new mom jump start her exercise program
Thanks for doing this

This is great. Do you have more? Please do more with your little one I needmore inspiration and moves to do. I can never seem to read how to do exercises even with pictures so the video is better fo rme. Thank you.


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