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I Survived Stage 3 Cervical Cancer

I Survived Stage 3 Cervical Cancer

Created: 05/19/2009
Last Updated: 12/02/2009

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Laurie R.

My name is Laurie S. Rozgonyi. I'm a 52-year-old cervical cancer survivor. In May 2003, I had an abnormal pap smear. The doctors took a scraping and told me I had precancerous cells. They decided to do a Pap test every three months to keep an eye on the situation. I had had the last one in October 2003, and on December 8, 2003, I was taking a bath when I noticed I was bleeding. My boyfriend took me to the ER, and I was told I had dysfunctional vaginal bleeding. I called my OB/GYN and made an appointment for the next day. They did a biopsy, and on December 18, I was told I had cervical cancer, stage IIIB. I was shocked and devastated.

I couldn't get an appointment with the radiologist until January 23, 2004. When I saw him, he examined me, took X-rays and gave me an MRI scan. He found a tumor the size of a tennis ball in the vaginal wall going down into the cervix. They didn't find it sooner because they couldn't see it until it broke through the wall.

On January 26, 2004, I started radiation treatments five days a week. I ended up having a total of 28 radiation treatments, four low-dose chemotherapy and two separate radiation implant treatments. Through the whole ordeal I was so tired! I had radiation first thing in the morning and then I would go back home and sleep until lunchtime; get up, watch a little TV and go back to sleep; get up and eat dinner, watch TV and go to bed between 9 and 9:30 every night. Between the cancer (poison) and the radiation (poison), you get knocked on your butt! I was so tired I could hardly function.

My last treatment was on March 21, 2004. I am now five years cancer-free, but I have serious radiation damage to my body. I am just thankful I am alive! I try to eat healthy, but I still sometimes eat junk food, and I walk when weather permits. I see my oncologist every six months and the neurologist every six months. I take one day at a time. My advice to every female is this: get Pap smears regularly! It is so important!


Good for you, Laurie, for being a survivor. It's amazing/shocking to me that you had to wait over a month for an appointment to make determinations regarding your cancer treatment. whoa.

I get regular Pap's. There are programs (through public health departments) if you don't have health insurance so that you can get this exam!

Okay, so I know that this may be coming a little late, but I recently stumbled across this infographic that had been created for cervical cancer awareness. Like many forms of cancer, cervical cancer can be treated if caught early enough but this often requires women to become more proactive with their own health (whether it be going in to be screened or just taking steps to live a healthier lifestyle)

well done so pleased you got through it,,to one stage 3 cc from another stage 3 xxxx :-)

Congrats on your accomplishment. My mother was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Cervical Cancer and is just finishing up her first low-dose radiation regimen and will be receiving the implant therapy in two weeks.

Do you have any advice for her? I feel like she's lying down too much, not active, and she barely eats. It's been 6 wks and she's already lost over 5% of he body weight. I feel helpless to some degree, but any advice you can give her, (and for me to know how to better help her through this) would be much appreciated.

i was just told about a month ago that i have stage 3 cervical cancer im only 29 i have 3 kids. the same thing happend to me as the lady in the first story i was bleeding went to the e.r. and they told me i had the disfunctional bleeding i then had a pap and was told that i have cancer so im kinda freaked out i see everyone is saying they are having radiation my ? is do most women with this have to get it?

im a 28 year old with 3 kids 11,7,and 8. i was diagnosed with cervical cancer at stage 3. ive been sick from the chemo but i look good and feel good knowing my god is in control and that everyday i wake up is a blessing. im tried throughout the day but im taking it one step at a time.

Hi I am a worried single mother and just want to ask a few questions. I am wondering whaty your symptoms were? I am 25 years old with one daughter. I have abnormal cells on my cervix and am waiting for a colposcopy. My current symptoms are.. bleeding after intercourse, long heavy periods with terrible cramps and leg pains, lower back pain, brown discharge, pain during intercourse, blood in between periods, and I bled after my last pelvic exam. The doctor told me my pelvic exam looked good but I truly feel like something is wrong. I have been tired and pale looking and just havr an overall bad feeling. I feel as though the doctors aren't taking me too seriously. Should i be more worried and push for a colposcopy sooner?

I pray it's nothing, I'm a single Mom of 3, just turned 40, my symptoms were the same I was just diagnosed August 30th with invasive adenocarinoma. My tumor started growing high in the cervical canal & until it protruded outward of the cervix I had no symptoms but when I finally did they are the same as yours. I've now been diagnosed with StageIIIb with lymph node metastasis. I just started chemo & radiation today. I will have treatment of 6 chemo, 25 external radiation & 5 internal radiation in hopes to save my life. I pray yours is nothing but insist on all test @ first I thought it was my IUD, if only it had been. Stay positive for you daughter. I'm fighting this with the thought of my children everyday.God bless you!!!

HI Stephanie j, stay strong , hope you're treatment is going well. what country are you being treated, as my sister has been diagnosed with stage 111b also with cancer having spread to lymph nodes and we are wondering about treatment available.N.

Im an 28 year old with cervical cancer whos had chemo and radiation treatment. Im finished with everything and i dont get full from radiation in my stomach but i dont think about it.

I was told i had cervical cancer and my only option was a radical hystorectomy and then hurry up and wait. Once this was done i was told it had gone more then 70% through the wall of my uterus and would need to go for radiation if i wanted to for 5 weeks. I did it all now i have been put on estrogen because of my irritability. I am only 32 i dont understand why i wasnt given other options. I have seen 4 different doctors for every different step and feel like i am a broken puzzle piece to each of them and was just wondering if anyone else knows of something i can do or take besides estrogen i am scared daily of getting cancer back and want to do everything i can, but the more i research the more scared and angry i become. thanks

my family gyno put me on estrogen ane month after i finished radiation and 6 months after a radical hystorectomy for cervical cancer it had spread to my uteris. I have had 4 different doctors for every different step and i feel like a broken puzzle and each doctor has a piece but none of them get the whole picture. I think my radiologist was really mad that my gyno put me on estrogen but wouldnt say i should stop. Everything i have researched says taking it causes breast cancer. I live in fear daily of getting cancer back and want to do anything i can. Does anyone have any advice about something i can take besides estrogen. thank you in advance for taking the time to see my journey

Hi Kathy, my mom was just diagnosed. I could use some hope. Thank you. Teresa

hope a full recovery and health for everybody
my mother was kept on annual Pap smear and all the time it was negative 3 months ago she got vaginal bleeding and diagnosed as cervical ca stage 3
she underwent full course of chemo-radiotherapy and implants she finished the course and today she is going for the first CT scan to assess the response Im praying for her and for all others with any type of cancer and asking God to help

my mom was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 3 recently, she got vaginal bleeding as well, and doc only advised chemo instead of radiation. what's the difference btw them? how many times do mom need to go thru chemo in a week or mth? and the worst part is in my state all the chemo equipment is out of order and we need to fly over to other state, it might too costly for me and my sisters. if we choose to go private, it totally cost all our monthly salary and savings as well.

i need some advice.

My mom was diagnosed stage 3a with 28 days radiation 7 chemos one time a week she is on day 25 radiation has had 6 chemos and I have been amazed at how good she has done she does get a little tired sometimes thru out day she will have 5 internal radiation 2x a week starting in a week can't tell you what tomorrow will bring but so far she has been blessed so their is hope for all and my mom is 75 I know it is in Gods hands and we take it one day at a time .

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Hi Brenda, I am encouraged by your post. I am 74 and have the same schedule coming soon as your mother. I have been very worried by the side effects that may come with this treatment. It sounds like your mom hasn't had any yet other than the tiredness.

hello i really hope cervical stage 3 is not the same as melanoma stage 3. my baby sister just came home from surgery, the doctor remove some cancer.my prayer goes out to every one and i don't mean to come off to forward but im shaking as i type, and im praying for my sister and i need advice.we lost our dad 3 years ago from melanoma.when he first found out he had cancer it was stage 3.he passed away 2years after being told from the doctor, he was 52years old.i always felt that i could have or should have done more to help him fight the cancer.my dad also had surgery and was told to check up every month or so to see if the cancer comes back.so the first year was not so bad until after the fourth check up ,the bad news came and he was told the cancer came back.the final year was a blur of doctor visits and new medicine that did nothing but make him even sicker.the thing got me worried is my sister has the same medical as our dad and she was told to check up once a month.im reading on this forum that others with stage 3 cervical cancer are fighting with radiation or chemo.what should my sister do?should she just do as the doc says? are their better places that specializes in treating stage 3 cervical cancer? ?any direction or advise would be greatly appreciated, god bless

my mother also have cervical cancer stage 3,the doctor told my sister that there willl be 33 days of radiation therapy nd a chemo therapy once a week for 6 weeks.My mother is 56 yrs old,were hoping that these kind of treatment can survive my mother....please give me some advise.Tnx!

I had repeated pap smears every three-months. One would come back positive, the next would come back negative. I had a dream that my grandmother came to me and told me something was seriously wrong and I needed to get it fixed. I went back to the doctor because I was bleeding 3 weeks out of the month. I asked to have surgery because I kept being anemic. Because of my age (mid-forties) he agreed. At my recheck appointment I was told the lab found out I had stage III cancer. I opted for no additional treatment, and have been cancer free since 2000.

I have been diagnosed with signet ring type cervical cancer stage 1b1 on May 2015; radical hysterectomy on May 29, 2015. I am 41 years old and have 2 kids (14 and 7) . The gene onco took out 61 lymph nodes and per pathology report found 3 cancerous; had a PET scan before the surgery and these were not detected. Treatment recommended after surgery is to get radiation daily for 5 days a week and once weekly cisplatin chemo. I want no additional treatment and have been looking online for others who have gone taken this path and encouraged by your email posted 2012 and you stated you were cancer free since 2000. Pls reply . What changes in your diet ; lifestyle etc have you adopted to keep healthy?

My mom is 54 yrs old and was diagnosed on April 2, 2012 with stage 3b cervical cancer with cancer in 2 lymph nodes and the tumor is 6cm and has been under going Radiation 5 days a week and Chemo 1 day a week, they will be starting internal radiation in 3 weeks. I don't know what to expect and am terrified. My mom is always tired and her back is hurting her so bad and she doesn't eat right or sleep, I just feel she is gonna go down hill if she don't get up and do something, she is very negative and not very positive, we are all positive around her but she hasn't found god in her life for some reason, I don't know... I am an only child and don't know what to say to her at times except for we will get through this and stay positive... Any thoughts or answers? Please!!! Thank you, Dawn

Dawn, the best thing you can do is just be there for your mom. It is ok to cry and say your scared. She is more scared than you can know. Sometimes it is in "being" a child of God that we can bring someone to our Lord. Show her the love that abides in you because of God. We have only two ways to believe. Either something comes after or nothing comes after, and since we really don't know which, it feels much better to trust in the hope of an eternal life than to think this miracle called life is all for naught. Just be yourself and love her the best you can. That is all God would expect from you. Your faith in Him raises her up!! And by your faith may she also be saved. God won't let not one of His go, and you may never know the exact time of His rescue. Be still & know that He is the Almighty God!!!

They found my wife's cervical around the same time. Unfortunately, she passed away on the 25th of October/2012. In her case, the level of life went in cycles. By that I mean she was doing relatively fine for a few months, then decline, then stable out and then decline more. There are no rights nor wrongs in loving someone and it is so hard letting go. Cervical Cancer has three options and none are pleasant. Cervical cancer patients either bleed to death, choke to death or the lucky ones, pass away in their sleep. Sounds good, but that is just sugar coating. My wife almost bled out on one occasion, we resolved that problem, then she began to be in so much pain that she couldn't sit, nor liked being touched. Just as you feel that you can't hurt any more, they get worst and the hurt starts all over again. Taking care of a loved one battling cancer is like being in a club ... that you hope no one else will ever have to belong to it. Cancer for the most part doesn't kill the patient. They die from starvation and thirst, eventually a heart attack. Some reach the point of where they can't eat, nor drink - one of the reasons, we see so many cancer patients looking so frail and skinny. The body eats its' self, as a result other organs stop functioning properly. Same goes for dehidration, lack of water. I wish, I could paint you a beautiful picture of death, but in most cases, the process of death is not pleasant to those watching it. Give your mom all of your love and let her know that it is okay. Spend as much time as you can with her, because at some point, she will not be able to talk to you anymore. She will be able to hear you ...... but the person you knew, is already past that point of returning your warmth. It is so hard and yet it is a process that at some point, we're all going to go through. Remember that in death all is forgiven, that she is no longer in any pain. Living is the hard part, because you must go on with life. Remember the good things about your mom, that she loves/loved you without reservations. It is okay to cry, it is okay to be angry, to be hurt, to have doubts. All are normal feelings. It is also okay to let go. Grieving is personal, because each of us lets go of pain in our way. Don't let anyone say that your way of grieving doesn't fit the box that everyone should feel like them, because we're all different.

I am 33 years old with 3 children and a fiancee'. In March of 2012 I was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer, I was so scared being my mother passed from kidney cancer when I was 11,my grandmother died from lung cancer 9 months before my mother. And my great grandmother who died from lung cancer. I thought my life was going to end like my mother. Ive seen an oncologist and instead of a I guess you could say regular hysterectomy he is saying I need a radial hysterectomy. I am due to have my surgery on june 18 2012. Im a little scared but I know the Lord has a p;an for me and death is not part of the plan yet. I would like to encourage anyone going through the same thing stay strong in the Lord and he will bring you through. In Jesus' name I pray for all of you Amen.

Laurie R. -

Wow,...I have the same story and I am almost five years into it. However, all this time I have been fighting the radiation and chemo damage and keeping my spirits up Thanks to my son and wonderful support team.

I'm 39 with a sixteen year old son and ...my life is hard because of All the pain and other problems ...but, I'm happy that I have the time I have.

If you don't mind, would you give us an update? I'm happy to provide information with anyone who needs it. I have plenty of experience.

Tiffany -

Did you and your sister find the help you needed?

(Stage 3/B Diagnosed Sept. 2009)

Bless All, =)

Hi Laurie R

I was diagnosed with 111b cancer in july and under went chemo and radiation august and sept...
Its now november and I need to wait another month before my first pap test, and am so anxious.
I have a ache on one side of my groin and wonder if you experienced anything like this, and what problems have you had? thanks

Hi Dear,
How are you doing. I am recently diagnose of a stage 111B cervical cancer, big like a soft ball on my cervix and tiny ones on my lymph nodes. My oncology doctor wants me to get a treatment with full strength radiation and low dose of chemotheraphy I am still very scared and reluctant to get the treatment because of all what I heard about the side effects.
I would like to know when you had your treatment if it was a high dose radiation ( full strength) and what did you feel and what side effects you have. Is it painful side effects? What did you take for pain? I have so many question to ask, I apologize to bother at all. But I need to know all the outcome. The doctors wont really tell you all the side effects.
I just said prayers to you. Take care d God Bless!


I am a 29 yr old mother of one sweet boy.I was diagnosed with stage IIIb cervical cancer with spread to 3 lymphnodes the day before thanksgiving.My tumor,being 7mmx10mmx8mm is too large for operation. So they put put me on radiation and chemotherapy. Being so young they decided to be super aggressive. Problem is its made me so sick and knocked my blood counts so low ive had to hold chemo and radiation for last couple weeks.I am trying to be positive but am so very scared. I have so little support and my whole life seems on hold. Praying so hard for treatments to work without too many side effects. This all seems so unreal sometimes. God Bless anyone else who is going through this themselves or with a family member. It is so very hard but God will see you through no matter the outcome. Stay strong:) I can be found on if anyone needs someone to talk to. No one should face it alone.

I to was 29 and a mother when I found out I had stage 111b cancer . It's so weird being young is bad when it comes to treatment .

Hi my twin sister diagnosed on jan 2014 stage 3b cervical cancer,she completed her treatments with low dose of chemo ,radiations after 5 months oncologist assesed her that tumor shrunk from 8cm to 5cm and now 3cm.The dr has advised her to undergo a high dose of chemo for every 3 weeks at 6 cycles..it is a long long way to go...til Christmas this yr 2014..and we as family keep praying hard and we are fighting for it...God is always with us.

Hi there. I'm also a twin whose twin sister has been diagnosed, yet to know what stage. May I please find out progress to date and how you coped as a twin?

hello how are you how did your treatment go my mother is suffering from the same thing

just wondering if you are still fighting the cervical cancer?

I have a friend that was diagnosed with cervix cancer stage 3B in May, after radiation and braquitherapy it spread to her lymph so now she's back on radiotherapy.

She lives in another country so, I her over the phone and email, I could use some help on how to help and encourage her. I dont even know what to say anymore and it's killing me not be able to help her.
I lost my mom to colon cancer 13 years ago, and it's all coming back to me now...

Please, any suggestions on things I can do for her, besides pray?
My email, is [email protected]

I really appreciate it!

My sister was diagnosed in September 2011 with cervical cancer, We started the 28 radiation treatments and a few chemo treatment lasted until end of the next summer 2012. We thought that we were cancer free for a few months in December that year we found out that the cancer was back, and moved to a few lymph nodes in the groin area. March 2013 we opted to do a full Exoneration surgery (this surgery removes every thing in the pelvic area, I mean everything, cervix, uterus, lower colon, bladder and even the vagina canal. It took her six months to recoup from that surgery but she just did not quite recoup, we found out September 2013 it spread to the lung. We did more chemo for the next 8 months. Now we are almost a year later and she is in so much pain and is in the process of dying. I do not know what to expect from this point no one knows exactly how much time she has...they say 2 weeks to three months...three months is a long time to suffer in pain. We have graduation for her daughter this coming weekend and they say that she will pull through to get to that event. Ugh, I hate cancer, I hate that is taking my only sister away and she is only 53. The sad thing is I really thought may of this year that we had beat this disease!

Last year I had my first ever HPV test along with my pap smear. It was never offered to me before. I had been getting pap smears since I was in my early twenties. I am now 55. The pap smears were always normal. Last year my doctor told me to wait one year and have the HPV test again. This year again it came back positive for low risk HPV. I have a colposcopy, scheduled for next week. Needless to say I am scared to death. Everything I read says if the cells are precancerous they can be removed. I am trying to be positive. Like everyone else I was shocked that I had HPV and tried to figure out how I got it. I had a few long term relationships in my life and have been with my current partner for two years. Prior to that I was married for 7 years. I know it can be in your body for many years before making itself know. The woman who posted are all very brave and thank you for sharing your stories. It helps to know others have gone through this and survived. Thank you for letting me talk.


Hopefully you have had your colposcopy by now and have had your 6 week follow-up and are not stressing yourself into a complete nutter! YES it is very scary, even more so when you read that dreadful word PRE-CANCEROUS. Please don't try and get your head around how you got HPV, it's not worth it and almost 2 out of every 3 woman that's sexually active will have it at some point, most not ever knowing. I am on my 3rd year of abnormal cells (CIN3) and have been pretty stressed to the point where I have decided to go back to University and study to become a nurse. There is a 100% success rate of "curing" pre-cancerous cells. And 98% of woman don't have the need for more than 1 (sometimes 2 ) LETTZ procedures. I think the biggest battle for me was thinking about the shame (HPV.....me???) when I should have read every success story and every survival post and instead of googling the wrong things, speaking to the right people, asking questions to inform myself by people with experience. So talk more, share more and read more, KNOWLEDGE is power and stress free.

Monique..Thank you. I have been reading losts of stuff with less success until today. I tell my kids ..hey I got this I am a fighter. I just wish we could make this more LOUD...for girls and women to totally understand how important this is.


i have the similar situation. Pls share with how r u doing now. I feel that I am not getting enough attention from my doctor. and I feel lost right now. Kindly share your exp with me. 

Hi. My sister aged 35 was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Cervical Cancer. Does anyone know if siblings have a greater risk of getting the same Cancer? I go for my pap smeers regularly but it's my understanding that they do not do the HPV test when doing a pap smeer. Should I insist on having the HPV test done? Any advice would be helpful please.

Yes you have to ask for the HPV test separately....

How did you make out with your cancer diagnosis? If I read this any earlier , I definitely would have told you to tell your Dr to do a HPV test because it's not something they do normally. ((I feel that every woman or teenager needs this test with their pap because 95% of woman already have it.) Men are the carriers of the HPV ...... Please let me know. I was diagnosed in 2010 with cervical cancer and had a radical hysterectomy done. Was in remission for 5 years. Well its back again. Bladder cancer is what they said. So I had a transvaginal mesh put in.... not great news. They are all being recalled and having a class action lawsuits against the makers. I don't care about that. I HAVE CANCER, IT DOESN'T HAVE ME!!!!!

I am in South Africa diagnosed in August 2014 with cervical cancer 111b. I only get chemotherapy at the moment. How long does it take to get cured?

I am 23 will be 24 this year. I have a 4 month old. I always stay current on my paps getting them every 2years, starting in 2012 I started yearly. I recently had a pap for 2015, followed by a colposcopy and biopsy. My gyno said it looks like the first stage of cervical cancer but we won't know until biopsy results come back. Based off what I've googled I'm a nervous wreck. I had no idea cervical cancer was this serious and fatal. I received all rounds of the hpv/ gardacil shots in high school. I guess I shouldn't stress out seeing how nothing has been confirmed. Just wondering if anyone knows some one who has passed withing the first 5 years having stage one. This is very difficult. I can't imagine not watching my son grow up. I guess my story in comparison to all that I've read is on the lower spectrum. My condolences to all that have lost someone they love.

I am also 23 going on 24 i just found out also that i might have Cervical cancer, i dont know what to think i am nervous, i tool test and i am still waiting and the waiting is killing me. But i know i am stronger so whatever the outcome i will fight to live.

I am a 33 mother of a 4-month old that recently learened that I have stage 3a cervical cancer. It's so scary! I started my first week of chemotherapy and radiation this past Monday. I go to chemo every Monday and then have radiation for five days each week for the next 6 weeks. After I am done with that, i will have the low dose bracytherapy done, which will entail a 3-5 day stay at the hospital where I am bedridden. I am not necessarily looking forward to all of this, but i know that my little man needs his mama for many years to come! I keep hearing that age is on my side, but does anyone know what the chances are that the cancer could come back or spread further after I get done with all these treatments? That's what scares me the most currently...

Your story resonated with me because I, too, was diagnosed with cervical cancer when I was 32 yrs. old and my new son was 4 months old. This was back in 1999, and I have been healthy ever since the treatments ended. The only side effect I notice is bladder/urinary urgency. How are you doing? Have you finished your treatments?


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