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Five Simple Ways to Get Fat

By Sheryl Kraft

Created: 03/24/2011
Last Updated: 08/13/2012

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Losing weight can be hard—but getting fat is sometimes too easy. So, now, I'll be the contrarian. Instead of telling you how to lose weight, I'll have some fun and tell you how to get fat.

Eat what you want on vacation. Vacation is all about relaxing, and usually that leads to us relaxing about our diets, too. So, instead of sharing a splurge or limiting yourself to one or two really special desserts throughout the week, eat up. You're guaranteed to not only have to pay overweight on just your luggage, but pay big time when you get home and see the truth on the scale.

Sit and relax on vacation. That's what it's for, right? If you seek out the gym or nearby walking or biking trail, you might be tempted to exercise and work off some extra calories. But if you want to get fat, steer clear of those, as well as a walking tour or choosing the stairs over the elevator.

When you're depressed/stressed/tired, eat. Foods loaded with carbs help raise that feel-good serotonin, so go ahead and indulge. It'll help you, . And then you can repeat the whole cycle when your blood sugar plummets and you feel depressed/stressed/tired again. If you'd rather wallow in your bad feelings, steer clear of foods with protein.

Go to a party hungry
. After all, there will be great appetizers and lots to drink. It's always nice to have someone else's cooking. The food always tastes so much better, doesn't it? And alcohol is bound to loosen your inhibitions so that you'll soon lose track of what and how much you're putting in your mouth.

Watch TV with a bag of popcorn instead of portioning it out in a bowl. You'll get so engrossed in the latest episode of Dr. Oz that you won't even notice how much is missing from the bag. What fun are things like frozen grapes or apple slices with a small side of peanut butter when you can pull crunchy stuff out of a bag?

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Love your take on the topic, because it's usually all about "How to Get Thin!" I didn't go on vacation or go to a party this weekend, but I'm pretty sure I had all the other bases covered. Time to get back on the health bandwagon.

Weight gain can really sneak up on a person. I know. Taking control as soon as you recognize that's what's going on is a step in the right direction.

You should add go grocery shopping when you're hungry!

Good one - so true!

Good one, Sheryl! I'd add two more: use extra large plates (you won't even notice how much more pasta or other items you're eating) and wear elastic waist band pants (so you won't notice as the pounds start to creep on - if you wore fitted pants you might start to feel guilty and stop eating).

Ooh, I like these, Susan! Those actually are two of my strategies - smaller plates, tighter pants, as a reminder.

I think I have done ALL THESE THINGS! No wonder the numbers on the scale are ... discouraging...

Or my favorite, say, "Overdoing it this one time isn't going to make that much of a difference."

Unless "this one time" is just ONE time...which it usually is not.

Great way to capture my attention and make these ideas stick! I've just returned from a vacation, and sadly, overindulged - as my scale and tight clothes tell me.

Well, hope the vacation was a restful one. It's nice sometimes to come home and get back to your healthy routines, isn't it?

Potato chips are my biggest downfall, although I can identify with four out of the five above.

Oh, no, the evil potato chip. How about trying to leave them on the store shelves? When I have something I can't resist, I can't bring it into my house...or else.

Eek! Great reminders of what NOT to do!!! How easy it is for those lbs to sneak up when you're all relaxed and enjoying. Not fair (lol!)

Yes...as I always say...life is not fair. And those pounds are sneaky little things, aren't they?

I'm doing #1 right now and trying to not do #2. It's so hard not to overeat while you're on vacation.

Ah, yes, vacation. That's the one time you have to make some adjustments, unless you are at a spa where it's all done for you~!

I find sometimes when you're on vacation it can be hard to find the foods that you crave after a couple of days, like, for me, a farm fresh salad.

One good way to try to not let the calories become added pounds when on a vacation is to go on an active vacation, e.g. one that involves a lot of walking or cycling.


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