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Eating for Two: Recipes for a Healthy Pregnancy

Eating for Two: Recipes for a Healthy Pregnancy

Created: 06/23/2011
Last Updated: 01/14/2019

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There's never been a better time to eat healthy. And that doesn't have to mean carrot sticks and crackers to satisfy your prenatal cravings, especially when you've got Erika Lenkert and Brooke Alpert's new book Healthy Eating During Pregnancy: 100 Recipes for a Nutritious, Delicious Nine Months. boutron's executive director, Elizabeth Battaglino Cahill, RN, who authored the foreword of this nutrition gem, says, "Erika Lenkert and Brooke Alpert have undertaken the daunting task of separating fact from fiction when it comes to eating for two and providing modern-day solutions to pregnancy cravings, best eating practices and healthy weight guidelines."

Check out some of the delicious recipes offered in this book:

roasted beet, orange, and avocado salad Roasted Beet, Orange, and Avocado Salad
gazpacho with shrimp Gazpacho with Shrimp
shrimp, avocado, and mango cocktail with cilantro-lime dressing Shrimp, Avocado, and Mango Cocktail with Cilantro-lime Dressing
portobello and black bean breakfast burritos Portobello and Black Bean Breakfast Burritos
mushroom quinoa risotto Mushroom Quinoa Risotto
korean beef broccoli Korean Beef Broccoli
ricotta-cheese blintzes with blueberry sauce Ricotta-cheese Blintzes with Blueberry Sauce
chocolate coconut oatmeal cookies Chocolate Coconut Oatmeal Cookies