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It Is Possible to Treat Painful Sex After Menopause

It Is Possible to Treat Painful Sex After Menopause

By Beth Battaglino, RN-C, CEO of boutron, Women's Health Expert

Created: 01/02/2019
Last Updated: 01/02/2019

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This post was developed in collaboration with AMAG Pharmaceuticals.

We all have that friend who overshares details about their sex life. I mean, I'm up for girl talk, but there is such a thing as too much detail! And while some of us are super open about our sex lives, others are a little more reserved, which is fine, until there's a problem and you need to speak up.

boutron recently partnered with AMAG Pharmaceuticals on a survey about painful sex after menopause, and the results were a bit eye-opening. Of the 1,009 women over 49 years old surveyed, more than a third of women said they would not feel comfortable speaking to a health care professional about painful sex.

If you're not speaking up about painful sex after menopause, does that mean you're dealing with it? Just not having sex? Whatever your coping mechanism, it doesn't have to be this way.

It's not that women don't understand what could potentially be causing their painful sex. In fact, 77 percent of women were aware that painful sex is a common postmenopausal condition, with 71 percent of women stated they understood that painful sex due to menopause would not get better on its own.

So, what will make women speak up about painful sex after menopause?

Eighty percent of women surveyed said they would be more likely to speak to a health care professional about painful sex after menopause if they knew there were treatment options available.

Great news: There are treatment options available for painful sex after menopause. There are vaginal lubricants and moisturizers for mild pain, which are over-the-counter options. If you're experiencing moderate to severe pain, there are prescription treatments that are non-estrogen or estrogen-based.

Still feeling a little apprehensive about speaking up about painful sex? Emmy®-nominated actress Cheryl Hines is working with AMAG Pharmaceuticals to present Painfully Awkward Conversations, focused on helping women ages 50 and older speak to their HCPs about postmenopausal painful sex.

The also provides women with a website that includes resources and videos on how to talk to your health care professional. You can go to for these resources.

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