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Bidding My (Stinky) Shower Curtain Goodbye

Bidding My (Stinky) Shower Curtain Goodbye

By Sheryl Kraft

Created: 04/13/2009
Last Updated: 12/16/2009

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April is Earth Month, an even-better reason to clean up your act, help the environment (and you!) get healthier. One way I'm planning to do this is to take a trip to the store to return my shower curtain.

Why? It stinks! And believe me,

I just found out that that oddly-familiar odor (new cars have it, too) is caused by the PVC used in the manufacturing process; when inhaled, can cause dizziness and even drowsiness. (I don't know about you, but after a nice warm shower I always feel drowsy...hmmm...)

Just like I try to remove "toxic people" from potentially ruining my life, I'm now planning to remove toxic products from doing the same.

made without PVC and instead with a material like cotton or polyester or even hemp. I vote for these.

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