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Do You Nourish and Nurture Yourself?

Do You Nourish and Nurture Yourself?

By Sheryl Kraft

Created: 04/30/2009
Last Updated: 12/16/2009

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Sure, we all nourish ourselves at least three times a day (sometimes more). Meals take care of that. But what about another type of nourishment - one that is just as important - the nourishment of the soul?

That's something that so many of us forget to do. Everyday pressures, time constraints, responsibilities, caring for others...they often crowd our lives so there's little or no room for much else.

One thing I've been thinking about is the absolute necessity of nourishing and nurturing your soul. You might have to remind yourself to do it each day as you get swept up in the frenzy of "stuff." And it doesn't necessarily take a vacation to give yourself permission to do it - it can be completely free.

One reader wrote that she realized "there are mini vacations of the mind that are out there if i just put myself out there."

The key to me is putting yourself out there. Maybe it means being mindful of the small opportunities that might otherwise pass you by. Or letting go of fear. How about taking ten minutes out of your day to go out and take a walk - to nowhere? Just a slow, meditative walk with no particular destination in mind can free your mind and help you feel nurtured. Or, it can be as simple as getting away mentally (through something like meditation or a sport where you need extreme focus). Blast some music and dance wildly (c'mon, no one's watching!) How refreshing this can be; kind of like a "reset" switch for your frenzied life.

By honoring your needs, you can maintain and build on your health. And isn't that our ultimate goal?

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How do you nourish and nurture yourself?

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