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If Your Child is Going Away to College...A Helpful Health Guide

If Your Child is Going Away to College...A Helpful Health Guide

By Sheryl Kraft

Created: 08/11/2009
Last Updated: 11/23/2009

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Maybe it's because I saw some leaves on the ground this morning (it's hard to believe the trees are already beginning to shed) that I started thinking about college. If you're getting ready to send your child off to college, you're probably getting real busy right about now.

When my own sons went off to college, high school issues that once seemed so stressful - like asking a girl to the prom or getting picked for the tennis team - seemed minor compared with the transitions they were now making by living away from home. Once settled at college, all sorts of concerns began to surface: how to in a dorm with noisy roommates, figuring out how to balance workload and social life, finding ways to in a dining hall, how to avoid catching every contagious illness that was passed around from living in such close quarters and how to deal with big-time Basically, they had to learn how to take charge of their own health and manage their independence. No more mommy to do their laundry...or be there to stop the bleeding when they cut themselves.

To help soothe their anxiety (and yours) here's something helpful: a , a joint effort between boutron and Bed Bath & Beyond. It's full of great information that they'll need, including tips for getting a good night's sleep and ways to avoid the famous "freshman 15." I wish this had been around when my boys were in college!

I cried (secretly!) when I kissed my sons goodbye and walked away from their dorm room, knowing now that the bulk of my work as a parent was done. You might, too. I felt like I was losing a part of them.

But be reassured that - and it's always much, much sooner than you'd ever expect.



I think that when our children go away to college there's so many concerns - hopefully this guide will make it a bit easier for both the parents and the child!

Thanks for this. My daughter is a senior this year and I am gearing up to get ready for this!

My second left for college yesterday and although I
thought it would be easier it was just as difficult
as it was 2 yrs ago when my son left. I did not cry
secretly but openly, with my daughter joining in for
a brief moment...It is still so hard to let go, even
knowing what a wonderful opportunity and experience it

my youngest is leaving for college in a couple of weeks. I love what you wrote about "crying in secret". I don't want my son to see how upset I am..I don't want to burden him with not only his own anxiety, but mine as well. Being a parent is the most selfless thing you can do..and the hardest.


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