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Not An Old Wive's Tale: Stress Can Cause Gray Hair

Not An Old Wive's Tale: Stress Can Cause Gray Hair

By Sheryl Kraft

Created: 06/24/2009
Last Updated: 11/23/2009

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Did your mother or grandmother ever tell you that all the stress in their lives was turning their hair gray? And did you laugh at them, thinking it was just an old wive's tale? Well, now that many of us are going gray, you may want to tell them that you're sorry for laughing.

a relationship between and DNA. According to scientists at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, hair follicles can become damaged by stress and stop producing pigment. They said that anything that can limit the stress "might stop the graying from happening."

In the past, an association between stress and gray hair has been theorized but never proven. But it was always believed that genes play a larger part in the development of gray hair than does stress; and that stress can indeed be responsible for hair loss

All the more reason, I think, to . It might help minimize those trips to the hairdresser! (Although if you're one of the lucky ones who looks great with gray hair - I personally am not - don't sweat the gray. But please still do take care of your stress!)

for more stress-busting advice.

How do you manage your stress?


This is so interesting and explains a LOT about why my hair is going so gray during the past few years!


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