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By Gwynn Cassidy

Created: 11/06/2008
Last Updated: 12/02/2009

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Let's be honest: We love our beauty products. Since we were little girls, we've had fun experimenting with colors, brands and formulations. But just how much do we know about them - about how they're made, how safe they are, what's right for us? Most of us are more likely to pick up a new cream or blush because of the pretty packaging, the color or the promise than whether it's right for us and for our skin. And our skin is unique, no matter what its tone, color or age. Plus, that uniqueness changes over time. Just consider the major changes your skin undergoes between your 20s and your 50s. Yet when's the last time you switched moisturizers?

Not to worry. You've found boutron's Beauty Blog and, in it, we're going to tell you everything you've wanted to know to keep your skin healthy and glowing - whatever your age. We'll explain how nutrition and exercise contribute to your skin's health, identify the best products for you (and those you should stay away from) and explain how to read makeup labels. We'll even expose makeup myths that may have kept you from looking your best.

Why does all this matter? Because your skin reflects just about everything about you - inside and out. If you're sick, tired or stressed, it's reflected in the tone, color and condition of your skin. Luckily, the opposite is also true. That's why your skin is said to "glow" when you’re terrifically happy and healthy. So it's important to learn about your skin and how to care for it. Then, you can ensure that the "outside you" truly reflects the "inside you."


A recent study showed that caffeine reduced the risk of skin cancer in women:


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